About Us

About Us

The DTM Mission

DTM Wheel & Tyre is dedicated to providing quality wheels, tyres and lifestyle products for those who value excellence. Our brand aims to reflect a passion for wheel and tyre fashion and a desire to impact not only the automotive world, but car culture at large. We strive to be the best in the business and stay one step ahead to supply YOU with COOL products.

Point of Difference

DTM is a New Zealand owned and operated business that places an emphasis on bringing you quality, trendsetting wheel designs and tyre brands. Like our customers, we value the time and work that goes into creating and manufacturing products that are innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

A commitment to providing our customers with the best has positioned DTM at the forefront of the wheel and tyre industry in New Zealand. Our supporters feel a sense of pride when fitting our world-renowned brands, that redefine the wheel and tyre landscape, to their vehicles.

Our Inspiration 

Over the last three decades the DTM name has evolved, representing much more than a product. New Zealand automotive enthusiasts have identified our vision, taking cues from the ways in which we creatively engage with the COOL brands we design and distribute.

DTM Wheel & Tyre is leading the way in an evolving automotive industry by staying one step ahead of the rest. With a passion and commitment to excellence, our team continue to apply the skill and knowledge with which the company was founded to bring you the hottest aftermarket lifestyle and automotive products that you desire.

For the best in performance and lifestyle, join us as we create the car culture of tomorrow.


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