Custom Builds

VW New Zealand Amarok

DTM was proud to be involved in the research, in-house design and development of the VW Amarok for the 2018 Fieldays. 

The design included badging, graphics and a custom skid plate, all specifically designed for this one-off build. The Amarok is fitted with a set of 18x8.5” Niche Altair (Satin Black) wheels and Fuel Gripper A/T 275/65R18 tyres. The Amarok also features an LED light bar, hard lid, roll bar, black step boards and a bonnet protector. 

This was a great project to be involved with! 

Mitsubishi Triton R

The Mitsubishi Triton R, fitted with a set of 20x10" KMC XD Chopstix (Black Milled finish) and 305/25R20 Lexani tyres, provided a great talking point at the 2018 Fieldays.

Mitsubishi New Zealand - Triton Huntaway II

DTM supplied the 18" Moto Metal MO982 | AMP wheels with custom centre caps and the 22x12.5R18" Atturo Trail Blade X/T tyres for the Mitsubishi Triton Huntaway II that were showcased at this year's Fieldays. These are available in Black or Silver.

Greg Murphy Edition

DTM has undertaken the research, development and design in-house for 51 x Holden Colorado ‘Greg Murphy’ Utes. This was a great project to be involved with.

Wheels, tyres, badging, bull bars, graphics and the interior have been designed and chosen specifically for this build which incorporates Greg's colours and logos. A unique skid plate was custom pressed to fit the Colorado.

The design included customised leather interior, graphics, bull bars, skid plate, badging, individually numbered interior plate, Asanti AB809 wheels and Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 285/50R20 tyres.

The custom detailing brings this ute to life. All utes have unique build numbers but be in quick before they are all gone!

Mitsubishi New Zealand - 4WD VRX Triton 'Huntaway'

The Huntaway was a custom build by Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand.

The ute, which is based on the top-of-the-line 4WD VRX model, was designed to highlight what a buyer could do. Mitsubishi Motors found their fit when they browsed DTM’s online fitment guide and found the perfect pair of wheels and tyres which filled out the wide-body guards nicely.

The stout set of Fuel Ripper 20” alloy wheels are fitted with 35” Atturo Trail Blade M/T tyres. As part of the overall look of the vehicle, Mitsubishi Motors wanted to widen the track so the decision was made to use 27mm wheel spacers. With the extra offset in the wheels, the overall gain was 60mm per side (120mm all up front and rear).

Toyota New Zealand - Gladiator

Toyota’s head-turning concept, the Gladiator, was a custom one off “HERO” build for the 2017 Fieldays.

They wanted a ute that stood out from the rest of the manufacturers at the event to draw consumers to their stand. DTM knew the colour scheme of the ute and customised a set of wheels to match.

The 20” x 10” Moto Metal alloy wheels were shipped from the USA. With an original black machine finish, these wheels were customised to suit the overall look of the vehicle with a red clear coat that was painted over the milled spokes.

The wheels were fitted with an Atturo 33/12.5R20 tyre. What a combination!

Isuzu New Zealand - FD-1

The FD-1 is fitted with a set of 20x9" Fuel Pump wheels and 265/50R20 Nexen RU5 tyre. These wheels were made to fit the centre bore of the FD-1. A custom centre cap with a raised chrome Isuzu logo was also created. Isuzu built 100 of these utes.

Isuzu New Zealand - FD-2

On the back of the FD-1 project’s success, Isuzu built version 2.

THe FD-2 is fitted with a set of 20x9" Fuel Sledge wheels and Nexen AT Pro RA8 tyres. The wheels were made to Isuzu specifications, offsets and had a custom Isuzu centre cap. Isuzu built 160 of these utes. 

Foton New Zealand - Tunland TS1

Foton wanted to blow consumers away with a custom Tunland TS1.

With no brief, DTM provided Foton New Zealand with 3D sketches of a complete package. The package featured a set of custom 20” alloys on Nexen all-terrain tyres, graphics and a bull bar setup. The package was approved and the result speaks for itself.

The wheels were custom-made to Foton’s specifications with OEM offsets, centre bores, a custom Foton centre cap and were fitted on a set of Nexen ATPro RA8 tyres.

Foton wanted to impress their consumers with this ute and they exceeded expectations. All of the 30 Tunland TS1 utes that were built, sold within days.

VW New Zealand - Amarok R-1

VW New Zealand built a limited-edition Amarok R ute.

Due to extensive requirements from VW Germany, DTM had to ensure that standards were met and signed off before a custom-made DTM design was created.

These wheels were custom-made to suit VW specifications. The wheels were centre bore located so no locating rings were required to eliminate shaking. VW wanted to use the OEM specific wheel bolts so DTM flew a bolt to the factory to ensure the ball seat design would match the wheel and the OEM bolt would work in the hole sizes.

Approved by VW Germany, 120 of these special edition model utes were built and were supplied to the VW network throughout New Zealand. These Utes feature a 20” DTM wheel fitted with a Nexen ROHP 265/50R20 tyre.

VW New Zealand - Amarok R-2

Following the success of the Amarok R-1, VW decided to build the R-2. DTM went through a similar process and chose a set of custom-made Fuel 'Beast' wheels.

These wheels were built to their OEM specifications for 120 utes and were fitted with the Nexen ATPro RA8 265/50R20 tyre.

Toyota New Zealand - TRD-1

300 Limited Edition TRD-1 utes were fitted with Hercules Terra Trac ATII 265/60R18 tyres.

Toyota New Zealand - TRD-2

300 Limited Edition TRD-2 utes were fitted with Hercules Terra Trac ATII 265/60R18 tyres.


Toyota New Zealand - TRD-3

300 Limited Edition TRD-3 utes were fitted with Hercules Terra Trac ATII 265/60R18 tyres. The Hercules tyres were a good, versatile fit for the TRD-1, TRD-2 and TRD-3 utes.

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